I’m Christine Castro Hughes, a designer, writer, and mother of two darling children. I also run a graphic design studio out of my charming, crooked craftsman house. Brunch is my blog. More »
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about the site

One of my favorite things in the world is brunch. I love starting my day with a delicious meal and good company. Some days, brunch means getting gussied up for a fancy spread, others its eating toast and jam in your PJs, but always it’s leisurely and a little bit lazy and really rather delightful. If you do it right, the morning turns into afternoon and even though there’s so much else you could be doing, you find yourself pouring one more cup of coffee.

I wish I could invite everyone to brunch every day of the week. But since I can’t, I’ve started this blog to bring us together.

This site is about food, of course, but it’s also about family, friendship, art, design, creativity and inspiration—everything under the late morning sun. It’s the conversations you and I might have over that cup of freshly brewed coffee, a short stack of pancakes and a few slices of perfect bacon.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy your visit, and I hope—as I do when I have anyone over—that you feel welcome enough to stay a good, long while.

about the author

Christine Castro Hughes delights in simplicity, color, and a good cup of coffee. She has been chronicling her life online for over 10 years, first on award-winning website maganda.org and now here. Christine also runs Darling Design Studio, which specializes in branding, web design, and custom invitations.

Christine's work has been shown in galleries and featured in national publications, including An Illustrated Life, Little Book of Letterpress, and Desire to Inspire. While she is proud of her creative accomplishments, Christine is convinced that her best work to date is her family, which includes her amazing husband, Rama, and their two children, Henry and Maira. They live, laugh, and play together in a charming, crooked craftsman in sunny LA.

Top photo by Ted Vadakan
Bottom photo by Kristyn Shobert
All other featured photos, unless otherwise noted, by me, your hostess with the mostest