I’m Christine Castro Hughes, a designer, writer, and mother of two darling children. I also run a graphic design studio out of my charming, crooked craftsman house. Brunch is my blog. More »
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interview with a husband

When Rama and I first met, we spent literally hours talking on the phone, sharing stories from our past,  dreaming about our futures, catching up on the present, and laughing so hard our cheeks hurt. He is still my favorite person to talk to. So, when Rama asked if he could interview me for Illustration Friday, I couldn't say "no." I had no idea what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised by his hard-hitting questions and interesting insights. Rama is not only an amazing illustrator, but also a proficient reporter and wonderful writer. But, you know, I'm his wife. I might be biased. Check out the interview if you want to read my take on the freelance life, find out how I got started, or learn the secret to doing it all.


the view from my window

I woke up on the other side of the country this morning. We're in Miami visiting with family all week. I brought my work with me, so it's not quite a vacation for me. But with sunshine and blue skies overhead, I can't complain.


artful family trees

There is the beginning of a family tree that my brother Ricky scrawled on some loose leaf paper the last time he was in the Philippines. Now that I have a son, I want more than ever to complete that tree so that he knows where he came from. These beautiful family trees from My Tree and Me have me completely inspired. They are simple and modern, yet warm and bright.

I'm usually fond of nature-inspired art, but in this case I'm drawn to the family trees without branches. Aren't they gorgeous?

Photos from My Tree and Me


a bundle o' style

New York children's boutique Bundle is chic and charming, but its website didn't reflect that. So owner Allison MacCullough came to me in need of a redesign, and I happily took on the challenge. As a new mom, the content was exciting and relevant. Plus, Bundle's identity includes a whimsical mark, a stork carrying a bundle of joy, and color palette, lavender, yellow and chocolate brown. My redesign is sweet, sophisticated, and very user-friendly. The site, developed by my friends at MyCommerce, includes a dynamic press section, wish list feature, and blog.

The only problem? Now I have one more place I want to shop! Allison offers a tailored selection of clothing and gift brands, including the winsome Velvet & Tweed, another Darling client. I did a little window shopping on the just launched site and found some favorites.


letter to henry : 11 months

Dear Henry,

I've been composing this letter to you in my mind for the past couple of weeks, but I've been too busy having a great summer with you and your papa to actually write it.

The letter usually starts like this: "Have we had fun or what?" And then I list all the great, fun things we've done together, like...  

We took our first family road trip to San Francisco. We visited so many wonderful friends and family, and ate a lot of good food. A few of my personal highlights were seeing the Maira Kalman exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum, getting a tour of Pixar thanks to your Uncle Jeremie, and falling asleep together under in the cozy Superhero studio-turned-guesthouse. I know it wasn't easy spending your nights in unfamiliar places, but you hung in there like a champ, and we had a blast.

Family fun at Pixar. Photo by Andrea Scher

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