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the cutest blocks i ever did see

Sometimes, I come across a product so simple, brilliant, and just plain delightful that I can't help but think two things:

1) Why didn't I think of that? and

2) I must have it!

That's how I felt when I first came across Mixmates, which were created by my pals Alma Loveland and Melanie Burk. The two designers—also moms, business owners, and all 'round good people—first launched the product as printable stickers on their shop Caravan.

But now they want to take the toy to the next level and mass produce the mix-and-match blocks.

And we can help 'em make these lovely and creative toys a reality.

I can't wait to get my hands on my own set. And maybe, just maybe I'll share 'em with Henry and Maira too!

Visit their kickstarter campaign


things that migrate

In my neverending pursuit of finding beauty in the everyday, I have begun a little instagram photo project called Things That Migrate. It was inspired by my friend Mandy who instagrams the things that migrate to her kitchen counter. Except that instead of the things that end up just on my kitchen counter, I've been collecting the things that migrate to the counter and the table and the kitchen floor. 

The messes are mostly the work of two somebodys' tiny hands. The messes that might otherwise have infuriated me have become collections that rather delight me.

The little vignettes have become glimpses into a slice of time, like when Maira was always wearing her sunglasses and my necklaces around the house or when Henry would pretend he could pull a quarter out of his ear. 


project peek : duet weddings

The Duet Weddings redesign has been a long time coming. I've been working with designer Rebecca Stone since 2007. The bold, chic, and sophisticated website I designed for her then-budding wedding design studio was a feat. The black-and-cream and hot pink palette stood out in a sea of pastels. The expansive site made room for a ton of information and photography, making it easy for brides-to-be to see why they should hire Rebecca to design and plan their weddings.

But so much has changed for Rebecca in the past 7 years. She has made a name for herself in the industry, garnered press and recognition for her perfectly styled weddings. Her business has grown, her style has evolved, and she has found another partner along the way—making their business a true duet. 

So it was time for a new site at long last.

After many meetings over many cups of coffee, Rebecca, Cathleen, and I realized that we needed to strip everything down to the essentials. I started by redesigning their logo. The result is a simple but sophisticated type-driven mark.

Then we hired talented photographer Miha Matei to take some still life shots for the website. The photos—styled of course by the Duet ladies—do such a beautiful job of showing the attention to beauty and detail in their work.

Lastly, I put it all together in a clean and airy website that includes a bustling portfolio, press section, and blog. Zoe Rooney did her coding magic to bring it all to life. Now that it's all up and running, I feel like the whole website is sighing with relief! I know I am. 

And it's never better than hearing from the clients' themselves how happy they are with the final product. Rebecca said: "Wow. It feels so incredible to see this site up and running. Our deepest thanks for making this happen. We couldn't be more thrilled. It looks AMAZING!"

I am available for branding services. If you need help with business naming, logo and website design, or consulting, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you.


belgian sugar pie

I craved this pastry before I ever tasted it.

I couldn't get the Belgian Sugar Pie out of my mind ever since Natassia of Let Me Eat Cake called it the best pastry in Los Angeles. Bakery Short Cake only sells the cream-filled, sugar-dusted, flaky tart on weekends, though, and frequently sells out before noon. Twice, I tried. And twice, I was denied.

But the third time was a charm, and I finally got a taste on Sunday. Is it the best in LA? I haven't had enough pastries in the city to know for sure. But I do know that as far as pastries go, it was pretty perfect.


knot thread stitch

Do you ever write an email, letter, or blog post in your head and then forget to actually write it? Yeah, well, I thought I wrote about Knot Thread Stitch months ago, but it turns out the post was only in my mind.
This beautiful book was written by Lisa Solomon, an artist, teacher, designer, and maker. The book features 17 thread and embroidery projects by Lisa with variations by other artists, including myself. I was so thrilled, and honored, to be a part of the project alongside so many people I admire.
For my print-and-stitch pattern, I created mom-and-kid shirts, featuring one of my favorite subjects: The sky. The mom shirt features birdies amongst the clouds. The kid tee shows a kite flying high. 
Lisa will be in Los Angeles this weekend to celebrate her great accomplishment. Join her Sunday at Sew LA for an embroidery workshop and party. I'll be there, raising a glass to the author!